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On Demand Session: Mindng Your Messaging Mix

Shawn Bakker; Director of Fundraising at McPherson Associates, Associate General Secretary at Global Ministries, United Methodist Church

Carol Leister; Fundraising Director, McPherson Associates

Carol and Shawn introduce the facilitation and coordinated fundraising efforts in post earthquate Haiti with Global Ministries. They focus on simplifying the complicated message of Global Ministries, United Methodist Committee on Relief (UMCOR), and The Advance in their 10 Fold  10 day project ( Prerecorded videos, a variety of social media and direct communication managed their collaborative message, email address and donation collection. They continue the 10-Fold project with a one-day-a-month event.

Since the campaign was online, the immediate feedback taught them some new things. First, the 9Am hour is the time that people log on to their email. Fb was the highest response venue.

Other measures of the online venue will reshape the length of future events. Videos will be short 90 seconds to 2 minutes that will direct interested people to longer clips. Chats will be shorter as well. They will aim to increase sponsor involvement by encouraging other churches involvement through video clips that tell stories.

Overall they felt that the 10 day project was exhausting. Rather, one day projects would be more do-able. Skype presentations have been successful as 45 minute webcasts.  Also, since this is a faith-based project Sunday was not an available day for their audience.