This content rich webinar is hosted by the New York Enterpise Report.:

Robert Levin introduced the seminar and the presenter:

Joe Pulizzi (@juntajoe). CEO Content Marketing Institute ( Author of “Get Content, Get Customers” among other pubs.

Intro: Good ol’ fashioned publishing is still a vital marketing tool.  Social media is just publishing (sending out info for public view). Technology has made publishing much easier. Content acceptance happens in the first 3 seconds. Talent is abundant, thus no longer an issue. Technology removed barriers. Databases can be collected by anyone. So, ANYONE can publish.

Q: So, what’s the diff between you and a marketer or publisher? Answer: how the money comes in. You as  a business owner aim is to create content to attract and retain customers. 92% of business owners are going online for content.

Content Marketing : Def: Creating content online to attract and retain customers. Stats show majority of content is aimed at business owners. View marketers as publishers that don’t rent the space (ie newspaper) vs. owning the space (create your own channel by creating curating valubable and compelling content on a consistent basis to maintain or change behavior.

Storytelling underlies all publishing venues. Great example of marketing through: American Express Open Forum

Current spending rates on the manufacture/distribution of content marketing: Average 26% of budget from companies of all sizes.

Effectiveness: ineffectiveness due to lack of understanding of publishing in business education. Confidence gap stats show inefficiency on every venue.

Why is Content Marketing Not Working?

Problem: Your content is about everything: Don’t post recipes if you are a home AC repair business.


Get SUPER NICHE: Find the issues that you can be the leading expert on in the entire world? It must relate to your customers ie pets: your expertise is (or becomes) pet owners that like to travel with their dogs.

2 Types of Trusted Expert: show them a good time (fun) or provide consistent, compelling content.

How to become an Expert: Find out what keeps your customer up at night? What do they type in to search engines? Use research tools like Google provides. Find out what those Pain Points are… Set up open dialogue to get those Pain Points (blogs, feedback).

Good enough is not good enough: Your competition is legion. Your content must be stellar that targets your niche. Must be unique, useful or fun, well executed, matches the media channel.

Create your own category: ie Content Marketing overcame Custom Publishing in 2011. They developed their own category. other examples: their name is a new search term, lingo and service.

Tools: Develop your content calendar (every 3 months minimum).

Calendar recommended:  1-7-30-4-2-1- Plan : Publishing events:  Daily (Twitter, blog), Weekly (eNewsletter), Monthly (Webinar), Quarterly, Bi-annually, Yearly (Large Research Project). These can be variations sourced from one rich story.

Leverage your employee base: they are the experts. Put them on blogs ie: Openview Labs blog.

Hang out where your customers hang out so they see you: Target the to 10-15 blogs or websites in your niche where your customers blog. Read and get active…start commenting. Where else are your customers online? Be the LinkedIn/Yahoo! Answers expert (become a Chief Listening Expert).

The three legs of a stool are required: in print, onine, face to face. Hire a freelance journalist or content partner. Search out your internal content producers or people that are experts and have a nose for your story.

Expectations: Be patient. Don’t expect any results for 6 months minimum. You have to build trust and credibility. NYER took 18 months to see results.

Q&A: Covered some important discussion about how to rethink strategies to move customers from content watchers to purchasers, bringing traffic for SEO.

Overall: We are all publishers today. Content Marketing is the only marketing left. Content must drive any publishing. The 12 Steps to Content Marketing Success are you finding your expertise that relates to your customers, and you putting it out there in a quality story through every venue and leveraging every resource you can to make consistent. compelling content. There is no one right way to do this.

Contentmarketing has an free, online assessment tool that will diagnose where you are with content marketing, and where you can go.

NYER offers an abundance of free resources: Free webinars on their events page:, videos, and how to guides