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Host: Allison Schwalm ( introduced Susan Gordon of

Susan: aims to help maximize fundraising. Fundraising tools can be built through their site for your community cause to communicate with people, fundraise, and build community.

The Secret Sauce of Fundraising:

Rule #1: Communicate regularly: Ask and Answer Questions; Send great media; Give recognition to your most active supporters.The goal is to make people feel like they are part of a community. The webapage example  builds a Fb page in which : Email is still promoted as important channel. Direct online donation, and sharing the cause with friends.

Rule #2: Give People What they Want: Answer Q’s about what they are donating to, why their donation matters, and why now?

Rule #3: Cross-Channel Promotion: People don’t respond until the 7th time that they have seen it. Promote your cause to all of your channels: Blog, Twitter, Fb Page, Cause community, Email, and Website. There are tools through to add all of these venues. But…be sure to send messages regularly.

Rule #4: Create excitement and momenturn through each channel. Send messages appropriate to each channel. Craft a communications schedule: Launch a video about why your project matters and a profile of a donor-Half-way there video and profile of someone who will be impacted by the project–The last bit (ie $500 left to go!)-FUNDED-Thankyou!-Update #1, Update #2.

What works: research findings show that tangible impact, storytelling, inspiring videos and photos, peer-to-peer fundraising work

Webpage Tools that Work: Show your NP info (address, phone), a landing page button to your video & photo gallery, a continuously updated progress bar, and public recognition of donor choices.

Why Fundraise through It’s tested, customiczable, easy-to-use donation pages and you can create as many projects as you like. The “Big Donor Experience” is a relationship building experience that supports. Peer-to-peer fundraising through Facebook. Easy Promotion: you have a unique URL, Fb Page, and integrated into

How to get friends to donate: Donor choices are cuotmies with additional information that carries the story through the donation, then posted on their Fb and is shared on their friends newsfeeds and receive positive social recognition from their friends. Donors have the opportunity through a tool to send their choice and an ask to their friends.

Comment Board on the donation page allows interaction between donors. This builds community and relationship to your NP.

Auto Thankyou note is sent to every online donor.

Project updates are sent out periodically. Donor is changed to partner.

Donor Contact Information tool is downloadable ffrom so you can track and build your NP donor list.

How it works: Your NP receives a check on the 15th of each month from of your month’s donations. There is a tax deductible  4.75%fee for the use of the donation site. The average single donation ranges is around $35.

Q&A: Were held throughout the presentation and afterward. The Q’s drilled deeper into benchmarks for starting. Your first project should have a low achievable goal that you can send out Success and Thank yous. Completing a project is a new experience for many donors and is very exciting. The first project should complete within 1-2 months.

International donors can use the website with credit cards. The donors don’t need a Fb page to donate, alternative donation venues are available through Webpage Examples that were used throughout the presentation were helpful. The case studies of the show samples of the tools on the webpage

Overall: Your first step is to find a great project that is compelling to people. Do your marketing/research homework to find a cause and presentation that people will respond to. will help you each step of the way to build your site. You are not alone in fundraising, and you don’t have to rebuild the wheel of fundraising. This is a great place to start and then jump off on your own from what you have learned, or stay with them as you grow.

A great advantage is that you can put up a disaster fundraising site very quickly.

Many of the sticky financial issues are solved by such as accepting credit cards, and international donations. Also, the funding oversight and distribution legitimizes your financial status for taxes and in the eyes of your donors.

Resurces: Nonprofit 911/Network for Good/ has great Training, Learning Center, and Fundraising resources. Today’s webinar one of many webinars that are brief, content rich, and fun. Previous webinars are archived on the Training tab at has helped to start over 4000 causes and has grown to become a dynamic platform for joining causes and building NP tools for fundraising, connecting with people, , and building donors through feedback tools. Their blog is at

To start your fundraising site through email Susan or See their performance at

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