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Jennifer Darrouzet, Convio Information, presents the content on cultimvating your donors and volunteers. Todays focus is midyear donation events.

The #1  Reason for Donor Attrition is lack of acknowlegdement: 3 Things every donor expects:

Prompt, accurate, sincere appreciation for any gift. Do not exceed 5 days, but a tardy thank you is better than none. Get board members to make phone calls. Circulate cards. These type of activities have huge impacts.

Confirmation the org will use the gift as intended:

Measureable results of impact of the gift: How do you share with them the impacts? Pictures, stories, number of meals etc. Put a face on the donor’s generosity. Make the connection between the person served and how they were served.

Example: The YouTube page of Mobile Loan and Houses.

Advantages and How to’s of Appreciation: The Fb lump check causes many donors  to fall through the cracks. Go to They will give you the specific donor information. Have a Stewardship Plan that everyone is familiar with. Be adaptive to the new donor systems. An example shows an appreciation timing chart for different touch point with donors.

Framework for the midyear events: Presented the example of a women’s university that connected potential volunteers to the organization mission and goals. The event provided a “white glove”experience that introduced the organization, told the story of the student’s experiences, past volunteers stories, and create an environment for the potential volunteers to network among themselves.

Key Takeaways: Plan time for your staff to work on the Thank you’s. Have a Stewardship Plan that charts your timing and level of thankyou response to different gifts. The single most important outcome of any event: The follow-up conversation. DO NOT miss out on the face to face culbtiavation dialogue to understand what kind of personal impact the event made on them. Then you can decide the appropriate form of contribution will work. Convio provides a script for this follow-up conversation.

Overall: Now is the time to plan a scaleable event to activate mission moments throughout the summer. Cultvation of donors is vital throughout the year, not just at the end of the year (when most donations are made).

Resources: Convio does automated Stewardship plans and analysis that help you to decide who to invite to events. Convio has archived webinars and research available at: Convio will also publish on online guide for planning these types of events. The guide will be available soon.