SoftChalk is an e-Learning authoring solution that lets you easily create, share, deliver and track engaging e-Learning content. SoftChalk CONNECT is a cloud-based learning object repository with hosting services where you can collaboratively manage and share SoftChalk e-learning content. You can share open education resources (OERs) with a global community of educators, discover shared content to use in your own materials or take advantage of the features offered with CONNECT Plus. CONNECT Plus provides the ability to host your content for delivery to your learners, manage learner access and track score results.

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Presented by: Christian Blydenburgh, Account Manager, Sue Evans, SoftChalk CEO


Sue Evans: SoftChalk CONNECT is shared content protected under Creative Commons. The HomePage is a public repositiory, but you can create an account and build personal material and selectively open access to the material. So re-using SoftChalk CONNECT content is ok.

ScoreCenter has various ways to collect and track scores. The software increases flexibility in creation and distribution of content.

Interactivity can be added to SoftChalk content through 25 tools for hyperlinks, embedded audio/video, hotspot image activity, point scoring for immediate feedback. Scoring is available on the lesson page.

You can Chunk your information using PageBreaks.

Design Style gives you presentation styles: as templates or create your own branded look for your content.

The lessons are stored on your computer Desktop. SoftChalk creates the folder and stores the elements of your lesson.

Package or Publish your content. Package: allows you to import to a variety of conte LMS content managers (Moodle, Angel, Canvas, etc.), or an executable file that can export to a computer. Publish: the SoftChalk will host your content, you can share with the community. You can also embed, publish to Blackboard, etc. You can always access the SoftChalk Support Center to identify what publish/package is best for you. Guides are available.

SoftChalk does not have a livefeed or whiteboard capability. You may be able to embed a live feed tool into SoftChalk as a widget. Contact SoftChalk to see how that can be done.

Conclusion: SoftChalk is constantly updating with new technology. They are currently working toward increasing mobile availability.

Takeaways: This presentation is an introductory tutuorial on how to create lessons in SoftChalk. Basically anything you can put in webpage you can put into a SoftChalk lesson.

Resources: SoftChalk has and ongoing free webinar schedule, tutorials, and a free 30 day trial. SoftChalk CONNECT  is a free, cloud based repository available at

Personal Reflection:  The reworking of learning through universal access to information on the internet is reworking how we think about lesson creation. How to address teaching and learning when the entire universe of knowledge is instantly available to your students? When in human development do we turn from teaching information to teaching online research skills?